About Us

Biodegradable Life is the idea of Lee and Samantha Smith based in North Nottinghamshire… for many years both Lee and Sam have worked hard in their home and family life to live as ‘eco-friendly’ as they can… with two teenage children, numerous pets, a home to run, and a very busy business, they’ve often found it hard to be as conscientious as they’d like to be.

We’d all like to ‘do more’ to be less wasteful and more ‘local’ in our approach to running our home and family lives, but the way we shop and the places we buy from often don’t give us the chance to make the best choices. In an increasingly globalised world dominated by fewer and fewer corporations, who seem to buy up everything and offer the same products branded in different ways, are often shaping the way we live, and this is often not as good as it ought to be.

Lee and Sam wanted to try and help bring easy shopping, good quality choices, and realistic options, as well as more localised or small business products, which are innovative, eco-friendly and feed into local into small local economies, all into one website.

It’s an evolving story, and one that first began in 2019 when Lee and Sam’s other business started to supply plastic free, foil free, made from recycled materials, and fully recyclable after use, Christmas crackers to their website customers. We’re working every week now to build a range of local, eco-friendly, sustainable and recyclable products for home and family, which are beautiful, affordable and will help reduce waste, save our resources and turn good quality shopping choices into an everyday, easy to reach experience.

We’ve found so many amazing products and people.

We’ve only been on our journey for a very short period of time, but its clear that there is a demand for a better and more sustainable existence… it seems that over the years the supermarkets have pushed customers down a path that suits them, whilst telling ‘us’ that its their customers that tell them this is what they want. We feel this is wrong, and they aren’t listening to customers, but actually creating their own narrative to drive their profits as high as possible, regardless, we on the other hand want to help those small businesses reach as many people as they can… wonderful people creating amazing products at home, or in their community, in the hope that one day these become the bigger businesses that will serve for better choices in our day to day lives.

Here’s two great examples of small companies with Big Ideas

Milly and Sissy actually operate in the village next to where Lee and Samantha live. Two amazing individuals that have brought their collective experiences to the world. They sell amazing personal care products, which are incredible to look at, incredible to use, and offer amazing eco-friendly, vegan and cruelty free, free from sodium laurel sulphates, free from paragons, allergens and palm oil products. The glass and aluminium bottles are made here in the UK, and the products use 99.7% natural ingredients carefully sourced, and the remarkable, yet simple idea saves 94% on exhaust / carbon emissions due to the saving in transport costs… as they say ‘Just Add Water’.

The Goat Soap Company based in the heart of England in the beautiful Staffordshire Moorlands… it’s a small family business offering 100% natural handmade soaps, along with bath salts and eco-friendly accessories. They’re passionate about looking after our beautiful planet, and take a huge amount of pride in producing zero-waste products delivered to you in plastic free packagings. Their awesome products are brimming with a gorgeous blend of vegan butters and oils, including Shea Butter, Olive Oil and Sweet Almond Oil. Their formulas gives the soap a luxurious feel, which leaves your skin feeling moisturised and nourished. Scented with pure essential oils and coloured with natural clays and homegrown herbs, they are simply incredible.

These are just two of many, and an ever growing range, of local and worldwide suppliers who all have the same aim: to bring you the best, and the lowest and most reasonable priced products… which literally will not ‘cost the earth’.


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